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  1. Guide to Copper Alloy 122: Properties and Applications

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    The addition of phosphorus to copper alloy 122 makes it an excellent option for heavy-forming processes. In fact, this material is easier to braze and weld than 110 copper, even if they are almost identical mechanically. Also, copper alloy 122 has great resistance to corrosion caused by water, weather, and soil. This makes it an outstanding material for underground and plumbing applications. Copper alloy 122 is also used in various household and industrial applications. Read on to learn more.

    What Are the Properties of Copper Alloy 122?

    Copper alloy 122 is preferred in various sectors due to its valuable properties. We can break them down into two components as follows:

    Chemical Composition

    The chemical composition of copper alloy 122 contains two elements, copper (Cu) at a minimum of 99.9% and phosphorus (P), which can range from 0.015% to 0.040%. Note that the copper value also includes silver (Ag). The chemical composition of copper alloy 122 makes it a good candidate for diverse applications in several sectors.

    Mechanical Information

    The mechanical composition of copper alloy 122 can be broken down into various elements, which are highlighted below. Copper alloy 122 has a density of 0.323 lb./in., an ultimate tensile strength of 49,300 psi, and yield tensile strength of 45,000 psi. Also, it has a shear modulus of 6,380 ksi and a modulus of elasticity of about 17,400 ksi. The melting point of copper alloy 122 varies from 1,880° F to 1,980° F.

    Other Common Names for Copper Alloy 122

    While copper alloy 122 is the correct terminology used in most sectors, there are other names that people use to refer to the same product. Some of the common trade names of copper alloy 122 include:

    • UNS C12200
    • CDA 122
    • DHP Copper
    • DHP Phosphorized
    • High Residual P
    • Phosphorus-Deoxidized Copper
    • C122

    Applications of Copper Alloy 122

    Due to its high heat transfer qualities, its corrosion-resistance properties, and a smooth interior, it is used as tubing for drinking water since it doesn’t restrict flow. Industries that want to make high, medium, and low-pressure copper tubes use copper alloy 122.

    Generally, you’ll find copper alloy 122 in both households and industrial settings. This material is applied as shown below:


    • Plumbing tubes
    • Air conditioners
    • Oil burner tubes
    • Heat liners
    • Refrigerators
    • Gas lines


    • Evaporator tubes
    • Brewery tubes
    • Heat exchanger tubes
    • Distiller tubes
    • Gasoline
    • Oil lines
    • Water lines
    • Dairy tubes
    • Hydraulic lines
    • Steam lines
    • Condensers

    Copper Alloy 122 Products at Interstate Metal

    If you are in either of these sectors that rely heavily on copper alloy 122, you’ll want to get these products from a good company that produces high-quality materials of this product. Interstate Metal is a very reliable place where you can find copper alloy 122 products for use in general settings or any other environments that you deem necessary.

    Interstate Metal has an extensive array of copper 122 products. At the moment, you can select from the following products:

    Source Copper Alloy 122 Products from Interstate Metal

    The valuable qualities of copper alloy 122 make it one of the most sought-after materials in multiple industries, such as hydraulics, breweries, and water and oil sectors. Since copper alloy 122 is deoxidized with phosphorus, you can also use it in several heavy-forming procedures.

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