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Brass Round Bars

The gold color, strength, and ductility of brass have long made it the preferred material for doorknobs, buttons, candlesticks, and trinkets. Brass can also be found in highly functional applications, such as plumbing and electrical settings. The metal is available in various grades and bar shapes. Find out more about each type of brass bar and grade we offer.

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What Is a Brass Bar?

An alloy of copper and zinc, brass can be made into bars with different cross-section profiles. It is a popular, inexpensive alternative to other copper-based alloys due to its ductility and workability. The precise ratio of copper to zinc, furnace temperature, and additives affect each alloy’s characteristics, though they generally include:

  • Moderate strength
  • Exceptional ductility
  • Easy to machine, roll, press, and deep draw
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Antimicrobial properties

Cold working can improve brass’ tensile strength as well as prepare the material for annealing. Adding lead between 0.5% to 4% can lower the alloy’s plasticity and ductility, which can be a desired property in some applications.

Types of Brass Bars

We offer four profiles of brass bars in a range of sizes and lengths, including:

Brass Round Bars

Brass Round BarsOur brass round bars range in diameter from 3/32 to 6 inches. Standard lengths are up to 12 feet, and custom lengths are available to meet your needs. Round bars are commonly used for tooling, base plates, decorative objects, and electrical applications.

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Brass Hexagon Bars

Brass hexagonal barsWe make brass hexagon bars in diameters from ¼ to 2½ inches. Hexagon brass bars may be purchased in standard lengths from under one foot to 12 feet as well as custom lengths. Hexagonal bars can be used for many of the same applications as round bars, in addition to houseware and braces.

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Brass Rectangle Bars

Brass rectangle barsRanging in size from 1/8 x 1/4 inches to 2 x 4 inches, our brass rectangular bars are available up to 12 feet long, with custom lengths to suit your requirements. Rectangular brass bars are suitable for marine hardware, instruments, fittings, and fasteners.

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Brass Square Bars

Brass square barsOur brass square bars are made in sizes from 1/4 to 3 inches and lengths from under a foot to 12 feet. Square brass bars are ideal for most of the same applications as rectangular bars.

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Brass Lead-Free Bars

Lead free brass barsWe supply lead-free ECO BRASS® C69300 alloys in round bar cross sections. These are available in diameters from 1 to 2¼ inches and lengths up to 12 feet. Lead-free brass bars are suitable for potable water and gas applications.

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Brass Grades

Our inventory includes the following brass alloys.

  • C26000 (Cartridge Brass): Averaging 30% zinc and 70% copper, cartridge brass is one of the most economical brass alloys offering a balanced combination of strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance. This is used normally for brass sheet and coil.
  • C26800 (Sheet and Coil): Around 66% copper, yellow brass is conducive to cold working, soldering, and brazing. This is used normally for brass sheet and coil.
  • C27200 (Brass Tubes): With 62-65% copper, this alloy is strong, durable, and easily worked. This is usually used for brass tubing.
  • C33000 (Low-Leaded Brass): With about 65-68% copper, low-leaded brass is easy to machine and bend. This is usually used for brass tubing.
  • C36000 (Free-Cutting Brass): Averaging 61.5% copper and close to 3% lead, free-cutting brass is easier to work and cut. 360 brass is commonly used for brass bars.
  • C38500 (Architectural Bronze): Consisting of about 57% copper and 2.5-3.5% lead, this alloy is particularly durable and corrosion-resistant. Unlike other brass alloys, architectural bronze can be hot formed. This is usually used for brass angle.
  • C46400 (Naval Brass): The most corrosion-resistant of popular brass alloys, naval brass averages 60.5% copper and up to 1% tin, making it suitable for saltwater exposure. This is usually used for sheet and plate.

Applications of Brass Bars

Corrosion-resistant, strong, and aesthetically appealing, brass is one of the most popular metals used for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and decorative applications. Its low coefficient of friction and conductivity expands its range of ideal uses. Typical applications include:

  • Valves, gauges, and nozzles
  • Casings, screws, and fittings
  • Electrical uses
  • Doorknobs, drawer handles, and other decorative elements
  • Plumbing components and fixtures
  • Musical instruments

Brass Bars From Interstate Metal, Inc.

When you purchase brass bars from Interstate Metal, we can customize their diameter, size, and length for you. Using plate saws, bar saws, water jet cutters, and shears, we achieve tolerances as precise as +/- 0.005 inches, saving you the time and labor of additional machining. We have over 30 years in the metal industry, with a commitment to superior quality and service for all our customers.

Call us at 562-906-2965 or contact us online to learn more about our products and capabilities, or request a quote to start your project.